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I just released a new 6 song EP called Dads Doin' Yoga, and it is available for download or streaming from places like Spotify, Apple Music, Google, Amazon, etc...  Check it out here: 


Sick Animation Halloween Shirt

2011-10-08 15:07:01 by RomeoJR

Look bitch, this kick ass shirt has a fucking pentagram made out of candy corn, so suck my big black OK. ct/candy-corn-pentagram-shirt

Love, Marc

Sick Animation Halloween Shirt

it's MARC WEEK baby!!

2011-08-02 14:58:01 by RomeoJR -week-two-day1/

it's MARC WEEK baby!!

Sick Animation on TOSH.0 tonight

2011-06-21 14:36:45 by RomeoJR

Hey, do you guys watch TOSH.0 on Comedy Central?

They are going to play one of my cartoons (BIG ASS BEAR) on the show tonight! Oh boy! :)

TOSH.0 airs Tonight, Tuesday June 21st @ 10pm East Coast / 9pm Central, etc., etc.

Hello NewGrounders, I thought you guys would be down with this...
My new cartoon C'mon Scoob was recently featured on G4's Attack of the Show.
Lemmie see if I can embed that shit... ok i can't LOL but here is the link: d-the-net-051811/

C'mon Scoob featured on G4's Attack of the Show

Das Mah Hammah Shirt!!

2011-04-29 14:14:44 by RomeoJR

ZOOOOOMG check out the hot new shirts in the Sick Animation Shop


Das Mah Hammah Shirt!!

Best Prank Ever!!

2011-04-13 09:32:34 by RomeoJR

My friend is staying over at my house for a while, and he HATES ants.
LOL, so I pulled a little prank on him ;)

New Sick Animation Cartoon

2011-03-10 23:16:43 by RomeoJR

It's also here on NewGrounds:

And as always on Sick Animation dot com:

Download the Minecraft skins here: craft-skins-and-video/

Sick Animation's 'Red Diamond Dragon Club' Redone in Minecraft w/ downloadable skins

Hey what's up Twitter... oh shit

2011-01-15 01:56:07 by RomeoJR

Hey what's up Twitter... oh shit... this isn't Twitter

Hey what's up Twitter... oh shit