Sick Animation Halloween Shirt

2011-10-08 15:07:01 by RomeoJR

Look bitch, this kick ass shirt has a fucking pentagram made out of candy corn, so suck my big black OK. ct/candy-corn-pentagram-shirt

Love, Marc

Sick Animation Halloween Shirt


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2011-10-08 15:14:53

I see Manny Quinn's started his modelling career, Marc.

RomeoJR responds:

we got a vlogger rite hurr :) hi


2011-10-08 15:27:33

You know it! It's awesome, I can't get enough of it :)

RomeoJR responds:

tehehe gonna have to get back on that


2011-10-08 15:37:38

I want that shirt.

But I can't. :(


2011-10-08 18:16:13

That is actually an awesomely clever design.


2011-10-08 18:51:44

Can it be used to summon candy Lucifer?

RomeoJR responds:

That's what I use it for


2014-07-22 21:31:35

Congrats on making the Front Page with... an apple pie with a shit topping :) Just glad I wasn't the only one who appreciates fine cuisine.


2014-11-19 08:27:20

Not idea what candy corn is though...