Entry #17

Dads Doin' Yoga EP - New music from Sick Animation

2015-12-28 02:47:54 by RomeoJR

I just released a new 6 song EP called Dads Doin' Yoga, and it is available for download or streaming from places like Spotify, Apple Music, Google, Amazon, etc...  Check it out here:  https://sickanimation.lnk.to/DadsDoinYoga 



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2016-02-26 14:04:52

Dude, I hate your animations so much! They are so perfectly bad I can't stop watching 'em and I love 'em.


2017-01-03 04:26:38

black people


2017-01-21 04:14:56

Huh, so it really has been 20 years since their debut album. Comeback time?