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Sick Animation Halloween Costume Contest

2010-10-29 03:52:40 by RomeoJR

That's right, enter and WIN the Sick Animation Halloween Costume Contest...
Here is all the info you need: oween-costume-contest-2/
Check out the prizes below... Deadline is Nov. 2nd

Sick Animation Halloween Costume Contest

New Sick Animation CD

2010-10-12 02:15:33 by RomeoJR

OMG I totally forgot to post here that the NEW Sick Animation CD is out NOW!
It's called "Sex, Drugs and Rock n' LOL"
Visit The Sick Animation Shop to listen to a sample or even BUY IT!!!!
It's also available on DIGITAL OUTLETS like iTunes and Amazon
Have a listen will you.

Love always, Marc M.
Sick Animation

New Sick Animation CD

Re-Launch of

2010-06-02 16:35:30 by RomeoJR

YO, check out the brand new Re-Launch of
New design and new features and stuff like that :)

Love, Marc

Re-Launch of

Sick Animation Shop

2010-04-26 22:16:20 by RomeoJR

Yo, I just put up a new Sick Animation Store, with some groovy new shirts! Have a look.
Sick Animation Shop!

Sick Animation Shop

The Sick Animation Show!!!!

2008-08-20 18:31:05 by RomeoJR

Attention peoples living in the UK...

The pilot episode for THE SICK ANIMATION SHOW will be airing on E4 this Thursday Aug.
21 (Tomorrow night!!) So check it out and tell ur friendz

Here is the release from the network:


Thursday 21st August, E4, 23:40hrs

Funny Cuts: The Sick Animation Show is a brilliant, strange and incredibly puerile animated sketch show created solely by new talent, Marc M. Featuring a mixture of sexually deviant super heroes, gangster rapping heart surgeons and a God who thinks it's funny to play practical jokes on the last two men on Earth; the show is thoroughly wrong-headed, edgy and big on belly laughs.

Producer: Victoria Payne
Created, written and performed by: Marc M
Prod Co: TalkbackTHAMES


Oh and don't forget to stick around after the show cause Big Brother comes on right after LOL ;)

Cheers Mate, Marc M.

www. SickAnimation. com

The CD is OUT NOW!!

2007-08-21 10:16:53 by RomeoJR

Visit: for info and to watch the video!!

"Sick Animation the CD: The Ultimate Party Collection Vol. 1" will be released on Aug. 1st on!

It will be 80 minutes long and feature all of the songs from the Sick Animation cartoons as well as a ton more!!

Love, Marc